Friday, December 07, 2007

William Connolley

Wow, I am late getting to this, but I see that William Connolley has announced his retirement from RealClimate and from climate science, in favor of software engineering.
...Much of the main areas of climate science have now become much clearer than when I began to be interested; the obstacles to progress are now very obviously political not scientific.
He has been a friend, if virtual, for several years, and I am sorry to see him go. I wish him the best of luck -- any field would be lucky to have him join it....


Chris Fellows said...

G'day Davo,

Just read your letter over on Mr Steyn's site.

Myself, I'm very very slightly disappointed that Howard lost. But I'm very, very sick of the antics of the Howard haters who think the victory of a man who won by tracking to the centre vindicates their progressive agenda on climate change, Iraq, etc. Garrett got slapped down by Rudd in the campaign for suggesting we would sign a post-Kyoto agreement that does not include developing countries- the same beef Howard had with Kyoto.

Anyway, please drop by and argue about science and policy sometime ( All my friends reckon I am wrong but never try to change my mind, which is a little disappointing...



Belette said...

Hi David. Thanks for the note. Yours was the first blog I read, back in the M&M days... 2003, so long ago.