Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Polar Bears are now Endangered Species

Wonders never cease:
The Interior Department has decided to protect the polar bear as a threatened species because of the decline in Arctic sea ice from global warming, officials said Wednesday....

This is the first time that the Endangered Species Act has been used to protect a species threatened by the impacts of global warming. There has been concern within the business community that such action could have far-reaching impact and could be used to regulate carbon dioxide.

After all the corporate giveaways from this administration, especially from the EPA, I never thought I would see something like this.

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Jason Delso said...

"Polar Bears are now Endangered Species"

It would be nice, if true. But the Department of Interior listed them as a Threatened Species which is a quite different classification under the Endangered Species Act. Basically, the DOI can pick and choose how to "protect" the species, without being legally required to go all out in their efforts...