Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Incongruous Things

1) Portland is considering cutting 8 days of school this year because of lack of funds.

2) More than 5,000 profitable corporations operating in Oregon paid no income taxes in 2006 beyond the $10 minimum, according to the Oregon Center for Public Policy. Among the 5,156 profitable corporations that paid just $10 were 31 with over $1 million in Oregon taxable income.

3) Business leaders complain that Oregon workers often are poorly educated.


John Fleck said...

I don't know how to pursue this empirically, but I'd be curious whether business leaders *everywhere* complain about their particular local education system.

Dano said...

The no paying of taxes is what happens when politicians use tax abatement to lure businesses or for other inducements. Everyone else pays more to make up for it.