Friday, February 27, 2009

Viewing the ISS

Here is a neat site that will tell you when and where you can see the International Space Station orbit overhead of where you live.

If you get out in the country it's really amazing how many satellites you can see go by, once you lay still on the ground for awhile and your eyes adjust a little. I don't do enough of that kind if thing anymore.


Dano said...

I'm an amateur astronomer. I don't take fotos but know several people who do, and it is amazing how many of their fotos are ruined by satellite trails. But satellites are one of the ways to get children interested in the night sky, as well as objects like the ISS and the comet up right now.



Hank Roberts said...

see also the Russian site (we call the ISS 'Alpha' and they call it 'Zarya') for a different presentation and sometimes slightly different calculation

My neighbor reminds me that it's the lumpiness of the planet that constantly alters orbital parameters and that's why nobody can give a good prediction more than a week or so ahead about just when something in low earth orbit will be visible at a particular spot.