Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Senate's Stimulus Plan

The Senate today passed the administration's stimulus plan.


I think. Maybe not. I mean, who the hell knows what this plan really is.

Let's face it: 98 out of 100 Americans have absolutely no idea if this plan is good, bad, or indifferent. They have absolutely no idea what it does.

Quick: name one thing this plan does. Just one.

I didn't think so.


All I know is they are spending another $800+ billion that we apparently don't have. Didn't we just spend about $800 last fall before the Bush administration finally croaked to shore up Wall Street and various banks?

I sure as hell don't know. I read that as much as $87B of this was wasted.

Who knows?


The New York Times -- supposed to be the paper of record -- produces a completely useless article announcing the stimulus package.

Tell me, from reading this article, what it is all about.

I dare you.

You can't. I can't either.


Let's face it -- the vast, vast majority of Americans have no idea what is being done right now in Washington, what is being spent, how much, where, or anything like that. This is all a huge crap shoot.

It is the best argument for Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful" that I can possibly imagine.


Where can I go to join another country -- or, better yet, be part of no country whatsoever? I am only halfway serious -- but that definitely leaves the other half where I am serious....

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