Thursday, August 20, 2009


This isn't a very good recording, but in any case Usain Bolt is just beyond belief: 19.19 s for the 200 m, after running 9.59 s in the 100 m a few days before. He just doesn't appear to be from this planet.

For a look at the amazing quantum leap downward in the world record (in the 100 m), look at this Wikipedia graph. It hardly even seems possible.... A similar jump would be like someone running 9.3 s in the year 2045....

He ran 200 m at a faster speed than he ran 100 m (10.428 m/s vs. 10.422 m/s -- essentially the same given the accuracy of the clock).


Dano said...

I used to be fast until too many injuries cured that, and lemme tell you, Usain Bolt is not from this world fast. Listen to what his opponents say: "He's a gift to this earth." from someone he beat says more about it than anything. No one can hope to touch him. Let's hope he can focus.



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