Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Stuff

Stuff from the weekend:
  • see El Nino form before your very eyes.
  • learn how the whole economic game is rigged for the rich and connected.
  • this article says Portland (OR) drivers drive 20% less than the national average.
  • hundreds of thousands of hatchery fish died in Washington state during the heat wave two weeks ago, because of a parasite that thrives only in warm waters.
  • if you are thinking of trying Google's Chrome browser, my advice is to definitely do it. I love it -- it's crisp and clean and fast. Plus Firefox was crashing on me too often. Chrome is the best and most efficient browser I've ever used.
  • If you want to completely freak out your kitten, show her a nectarine pit. Mine spent 20 minutes treating it like a alien from outer space.