Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Cat

Perhaps against my better judgement, I just took in a kitten from my neighbors below. Her name (for the moment) is Daisy. She's 11 weeks old:

She seems to have immediately fallen in love with wet food.

Eli, my 10-yr old cat, is so far not impressed. I thought he might take to her right away, since she is female, but so far I have had to sequester him out on the porch.

Eli has only known a few other cats. The male cats he knew he hated, the one female cat he knew he loved a lot (I'm hoping this will be a repeat of that), and the one dog he know he acted like he hated but I think they really cared for one another a great deal, but knew they could never show it.

This could be an interesting night. I just hope he doens't kill her.

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