Saturday, July 31, 2010

PepsiCo's New Blog

After a bunch of high-handed bloggers like David Dobbs and Rebecca Skloot threw a royal fit because the likes of them could not possibly be expected to share a domain -- a mere virtual address in Web space! -- with the likes of the obviously biased and rotten scientists from PepsiCo -- PepsiCo went off and did the brave thing: started a blog of their own to show their vitals.

So how horrendous has their blogging been -- how blatant have they posted against all the best science of the day?

They're asked questions about their own integrity (July 29th), questions at least as serious as any blogger ever asks about themself. They've discussed the role of sodium in diet, which you might assume is verboten for a corporate food scientist.

They've discussed scientific topics that I wonder if Dobbs or Skloot could have ever followed, let alone responded to in an intelligent fashion.

Funny -- nowhere in their posts do I see the words BUY PEPSI!.

So what was the problem here?

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