Monday, December 12, 2011

Lacrosse Bleg

Has anyone here played lacrosse? I want to buy my 7-yr old nephew a stick for Christmas. He's never played before or used a stick, but is interested. Would something like this be appropriate for him?



Dano said...

Just fine, you can get away with a little cheaper one if you want - at that age you don't know whether they'll catch on to the sport or not, but you aren't paying too much for that quality. Should be a couple stores there that carry them - look for something with 'LAX' supplies.



John Cross said...

As a good Canadian, lacrosse is in my genes (never mind that I am descended from Europeans). I agree with Dano, that should be fine to begin with. From my experience you really want to spend good money on protective equipment.


David Appell said...

Thanks a lot, guys.