Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sometimes They Surprise You

“Environmental pollution, believe it or not, is interstate commerce, too.”

-- Rick Santorum, while campaigning in Iowa

(My only wish is that someone -- a reporter, or one of the few Americans [those in Iowa or New Hampshire] who get to elect the party presidential candidates -- would simply ask him, "Mr. Santorum, what does 'All men are created equal' mean to you?")


Lisa Graas said...

What does "created" mean to you?

David Appell said...

To me "created" means 'born."

But "created" isn't my word -- it was written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. What did it mean to him? What did it mean to the signers of the DOI?

What does it mean to you?

And, as I've asked: what does it meant to Santorum? I'd like someone to ask him.