Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anthony Watts, Lying Again

Anthony Watts can't even tell the truth about the little things.

Writing about a session I attended this morning, he wrote, after the presenter (Judith Lean) displayed a slide with a blog post of his on it,
Heard David Appell and Richard Somerville who were sitting near me both grunt when WUWT was displayed.
which is an outright lie, concerning my reaction. Frankly, I couldn't care less -- and, let's note, the presenter, presented his site as an explicit example of bad science, as no Maunder Minimum-like changes in the Sun are going to cancel this century's global warming.

And if Watts can't tell the truth about the little things.... I'm more skeeved out that Watts is secretly monitoring my reactions to the talk, instead of paying attention to the speaker.

By the way, Lean's talk was really fantastic, showing the data for all the relevant climate factors, and stressing that surface temperature is a function of more than CO2.



Victor Venema said...

Indeed the little things are revealing.

That was also the reason I wrote a post about the claim of Watts to have a spike in traffic. It is just a minor detail, but something everyone can check, with no knowledge of climatology or science.

And is is simply wrong. I does take guts to make such an easily verifiable erroneous claim.

Victor Venema said...

Watts responds: "My goodness, what a reaction! If Appell isn’t the one who grunted when the WUWT slide came up, I’ll certainly take his word for it."

Then goes into full attack. And concludes:

"I’d say that getting ranted on by Appell over attribution of a “grunt” was probably the worst thing to come out of AGU 2013."

I know, I know, I should not read that blog. Such conferences are already tiring for scientists, I was curious how the man had survived, especially after hardly any reporting during the week. Sounds like it was tough, although he seems to have focussed on the less scientific parts.

David Appell said...

I agree, Victor. See my latest post.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that, despite needing to sit at the front to lip read (since he's mostly deaf), he can make out small involuntary noises in the audience. Paranoid, perhaps? Delusions of grandeur, certainly.