Friday, December 13, 2013

What's New(s) ... from 'AGU Week' in San Francisco AGU13 Postings (Week of Dec 13 2013)
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Photo Yale Forum postings during 'AGU Week' in San Francisco. All postings this week (Dec. 8-12) involved the 2013 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. With contributions from three Yale Forum writers attending the meeting ... the surface is barely scratched, given the enormity of the meeting and the attendant goings-on.
First 2013 Airborne Poster Tube Spotting: 5:45 AM Eastern (Bud Ward)
From Bowels of AGU Fall Conference, Vital Poster Sessions Offer Riches (David Appell)
Advice to Scientists: More Effort on Communications Needed (Bud Ward)
Snowe to AGU about Congress: 'That Was Then, and This is Now' (Bud Ward)
Tracking Snowpack in a Warming World (Bruce Lieberman)
New Thinking About Climate Sensitivity (David Appell)
IPCC Scientists Assess the Assessments (David Appell)
Wildfire in a Warming World (Bruce Lieberman)
A Great Lecture Is a Thing of Beauty (David Appell)
An Informative Poster Probes the Limit of Climate Models (David Appell)
NCAR Scientist Trenberth, U.K. Economist Stern Communications Prize Winners (Bud Ward)
A New View of Warming from the Globe's 'Third Pole' (Bruce Lieberman)
When Measuring Climate Change, 'What' Do You Measure? (Bruce Lieberman)
Judith Lean Summarizes Her AGU Lecture (David Appell)
James Hansen Calls for the Light That Only Science Can Provide (David Appell)
Annual Arctic Report Confirms the Region's 'New Normal' (David Appell)
Gavin Schmidt ... Speaking up and speaking out (Bruce Lieberman)
Some Good News (and Plenty of Bad) in NRC Abrupt Climate Change Report (Bud Ward)
Scientists' Concerns Challenge Conservative Sea-Level Rise Projections (Video)
Hansen: 2 Degree C Goal for Global Warming 'Disastrous' (Bud Ward).
Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come? (Andrew Freedman).
Rethinking the 'Slow-Down': New Work Revises Warming Estimates Upward (Zeke Hausfather)
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