Monday, July 07, 2014

When David Rose Admitted to Being a Tool

David Rose covered the war in Iraq when he was at the London Observer. In this 2010 documentary, "The War You Don't See," he admits to being duped by disinformation campaigns advocating for the war, saying he later was "nauseauted, angry and ashamed."
"...the facts that I believed to be true in those articles were not true, they were a pack of lies fed to me by a fairly sophisticated disinformation campaign.... I should have been more skeptical."

Does that experience explain, or feed, Rose's extreme climate contrarism?

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Unknown said...

David Rose penned a number of lengthy pieces describing how Saddam Hussein trained the Sept 11 terrorists at a top-secret military camp south of Baghdad. The facility is located in Salman Pak along the Tigris River. It is no exaggeration to say, outside of INC circles, Rose was the central propagator of this story (more so than Judith Miller). Readers were left to ponder why the training camp incorporated a derelict commercial aircraft, with no runway in sight.

In reality, the camp was established with help from British Intelligence. Its true purpose was to train Iraqi Special Forces during the Iran-Iraq war. You can read a personal account of the training facility from a former SAS serviceman in "The Specialist" (Guild, 1985). Rose did not print this. He chose instead to promote fake defectors who said the only plausible explanation for the aircraft was for 9/11 terrorist training.

Rose is partly responsible for the mistaken belief among millions of people, including servicemen, who entered Iraq without mercy, thinking it was payback for attacking the United States on Sept 11.