Friday, February 13, 2015

Gordon Fulks' Frenzied Spin on the Kitzhaber Resignation

Oregon's chief climate denier opines wildly on the resignation of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber{
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Hello Everyone,

The Oregonian reported this morning that Emergency Room Physician Dr. John Kitzhaber resigned his position as Governor of Oregon this morning after his major Democratic supporters called on him to do so.  He is not the first Governor to resign but the first to resign in disgrace.  This follows a couple of days of what his successor Secretary of State Kate Brown called "bizarre behavior."  Kitzhaber's resignation takes effect next Wednesday.

Although this scandal is being correctly billed as "influence peddling," it revolved around the vast corruption of the climate scam.  The Governor's mistress (Cylvia Hayes) was involved in promoting "green energy" in both her business and her "official" roles.  Kitzhaber was not smart enough to keep them completely separate.  When The Oregonian uncovered the fact that she had received $118,000 to promote "green energy" and promptly did so through the governor's office, the fate of both the Governor and his mistress were sealed.  There are even reports that the $118,000 went unreported for income tax purposes.  Cylvia Hayes has apparently left the country.

Whether or not Kitzhaber's resignation today comes with a promise not to prosecute the governor and his mistress from his pals in the Democratic Party remains to be seen.  He and she could face the same fate as the Virginia governor and his wife, namely jail.

Here is the latest from the Oregonian:

And here is my Op-Ed from a few weeks ago that talked about the climate of corruption in Oregon and specifically Kitzhaber's climate malpractice with Hayes:

It all comes down to an old fool who fell for an attractive younger woman with a questionable past.  Unfortunately for Kitzhaber, her questionable past morphed into a questionable present involving (guess what?) Global Warming and all the money to be made supporting it.

As I said in my Op-Ed, Oregon is beginning to look more and more like Chicago without the snow.  I wonder if we will build a 'Governor's Suite' at the State Penitentiary, just to keep up with Illinois?  In Oregon, we may require an entire wing of the penitentiary for all those involved in climate fraud.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA


Fixed Carbon said...

it all makes sense. Even the owls attacking joggers.

Unknown said...

"Kitzhaber is the new Solyndra"