Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Latest on the Not-Happening La Niña

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center say there is unlikely to be a La Niña event in late 2016.
We may be stuck with this El Nino warmth after all -- NOAA just posted the warmest August in their records, which go back to 1880. Warmer (more anomalous) than May 2016, or June '16 or July '16.

In fact, every month since May 2015 is the warmest in the record. 16 straight months now.

At this point we really have to start asking, not if AGW is true, but is it accelerating, and if so, by how much?


Windchasers said...

Doncha know? The temperature data is faked.

It was fine back when it showed a "pause", but now that the warming has resumed, it's fake again. (/tongue-in-cheek)

David Appell said...

Wind: do you have evidence the data is "faked?" I'd love to hear about it, if so.

PS: All temperature records, including from UAH, undergo significant revisions. When UAH transitioned to version 6beta last year, the magnitude of their changes was about 3 times larger than those of Karl et al 2015.