Wednesday, November 09, 2016


"We fear," remarked an Eskimo shaman responding to a religious question from the explorer Knud Rasmussen some fifty years ago. "We fear the cold and the things we do not understand. But most of all we fear the doings of the heedless ones among ourselves."

-- Loren Eiseley, "The Winter of Man" from A Star Thrower (1969)


Layzej said...

Here are the conservative party of Canada leadership candidates debating a carbon tax: . Quite a different conversation up north. I'd vote for Michael Chong over the current Liberal government.

Their not all great but they are largely grounded in reality. This is in a country that is a net exporter of oil and will (I think) largely benefit from moderate warming.

Deepak Obhrai wants to invest in nuclear plants and recycling nuclear waste. A top down approach rather than a market driven one. "Climate change is a threat. Let's not forget about that."

Michael Chong wants a revenue neutral carbon tax. Market driven and not a tax grab. "It works. BC implemented and now has the fastest growing economy, the lowest income taxes, and they have reduced emissions"

Andrew Saxton wants global treaties and to invest in CCS and emerging technologies. He's right that Canada shouldn't go it alone, but again he's suggesting a top down approach where the government picks the winners and losers. Not the best.

Erin O'Toole wants to create industry incentives. Sounds like a big government solution.

Maxime Bernier wants to believe in the private sector. Whatever that means.

Brad Trost is a denier.

Chris Alexander wants industry incentives.

Kellie Leitch wants to invest in CCS. That's a big government solution where the government is propping up a loser. Makes no sense.

Lisa Raitt wants to get rid of environmental protections. Wants credit for the fact that 75% of Canadas energy production is already clean.

Dan Lindsay wants to legislate efficiency standards. Not sure Canada has the economic muscle for this.

Steven Blaney says he has a 10 year record of reducing carbon emissions and wants to focus on transportation... wants a global approach (treaties).

Andrew Scheer wants to get rid of environmental protections domestically and help other countries deal with their emissions.

Dano said...

One of my favorite authors, thank you.