Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Excellent Blog, "The Science of Doom"

Have I ever mentioned here the blog "The Science of Doom?"

If not, I've been remiss. It's a mystery who writes it, but they obviously know their stuff. You could learn a lot about the basic of climate science, and more beyond that. While its postings can be irregular, it's worth following, and there is plenty of past content to keep you reading all about climate, the greenhouse effect, and what climate science is and implies.

Definitely check it out if you want to know more science.


@whut said...

That blog isn't actually very useful. The guy that runs it is a denier and will ban consensus types while allowing crackpots to comment. Just my opinion.

David Appell said...

whut: that's ridiculously wrong.

David Appell said...


Anonymous said...

David, thanks for your kind words.

whut said... "That blog isn't actually very useful. The guy that runs it is a denier and will ban consensus types while allowing crackpots to comment. Just my opinion."

Personally, I despise use of the d- word, but let's put that aside.

I have banned about 8 people in the entire time of the blog. All of those have been (best case) "confused about the basics" as in "not able to understand the greenhouse effect". I can't think of anyone banned who is "a consensus type".

Still, I like evidence. So - please provide this evidence.

Who have I banned on the consensus side?

Layzej said...

Hi SoD,

citizenschallenge had someone else post on his behalf towards the end of this thread. I had assumed this meant he was banned, but maybe not?

FWIW, I find your site to be a great resource, though I did find that post comparing science denial with holocaust denial rather crass.

Anonymous said...


You are correct. I did ban commenter citizenschallenge - for claiming my article was disingenuous.

"..Making such a deliberate comparison with The Holocaust is a disingenuous game that climate science contrarians do to further derail our attention away from the real issues we need to look at and learn about.! (or should I say to keep it derailed)."

So that's one person banned who is a "consensus type" and about 8 people banned who are confused about the greenhouse effect, radiation and the laws of physics generally and just keep posting comments to demonstrate their confusion and derail threads.

We have a blog etiquette at Science of Doom.

Clearly I banned citizenschallenge because of his/her consensus position on climate. Along with the 5000 commenters that I haven't banned who have a consensus position on climate.

Well, it's always fascinating to see other perspectives.

Layzej said...

You asked, I answered. You're free to ban whoever you like. It's your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing it up, Layzej. You are correct. I was wrong that I had not banned anyone on the consensus side. Thanks to your data, I found that I had actually banned one person on the consensus side.

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Unknown said...

Is this dude Alexander a denier, a skeptical or a consensus guy? Anyway, you'd better to ban this moron from your life...

Unknown said...

Science of Doom is really an excelent blog: very clear and instructive, written for all kind of readers, from dummies to people that like to know the math behind the concepts. And I don't think it's a "denier" - it's just as skeptical as any scientist should be about anything.