Friday, August 23, 2019

Are the Brazilian Wildfires Abnormal?

I don't anything more than what I read in the papers (+Twitter, blogs, etc), but this tweet is interesting. It comes from someone who says he's President, Founder, Senior Scientist @EarthInnovate and follows Amazon forest, climate change, low-carbon devt. The Earth Innovate seems to be a one-man show. Not to say he isn't credible. Unfortunately he doesn't give the source for his NASA data. (Added 8/23: source seems legit.) (Added 8/24: see the comments below)


Nick Stokes said...

Brazil is not just the Amazon rain forest. Those aggregated numbers include fires in much drier locations, like Mato Grosso. There there are at least five times as many fires as in the rain forest. The rain forest variations are just swamped in such a total. But fires in the scrub/grass cerrado have little permanent effect - rain forest is something else.

Victor Venema said...

I would expect that Eric is also wrong. (He does not define what he means with "fires".) At least according to our normally high-quality German public news deforestation has doubled this year, but is not on the level of the 80s and 90s yet. We had almost solved this problem before the corporate and the fascist coups in Brazil.

David Appell said...

Thanks for the comments and information.