Friday, February 14, 2020

From the Department of Record-Breaking Temperatures

While UAH measured the lower troposphere to be the warmest January in their records, RSS says it is the second-warmest.

Still, the total warming calculated from RSS LT data since Jan 1979, 0.86°C, is 58% higher than from UAH LT.

The Japan Meteorological Association finds January to be warmest January in their record, which starts in 1891. (This is for the global mean surface temperature.) GISS does as well.

NOAA's anomaly for land-only mean surface temperature for January was +2.12°C relative to the 1901-2000 average. That's 3.82°F.... Its only the fourth monthly anomaly above 2°C -- the record was +2.53°C in 3/2016. If their total land warming doesn't surpass 3°F this year, it will next year -- in just the last 10 years it's up 0.5°C.

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