Thursday, February 27, 2020

Your Coronavirus Czar

And this isn't (by far) the worst of it.


David in Cal said...

Articles like this make Trump look like the adult in the room. The President is seeking bipartisan actions, coordinating travel policies and bringing medical experts to protect Americans -- so far successfully. His opponents are making silly ad hominem attacks. If you heard the press conference yesterday, most of the questions were not designed to elicit information needed by the public. Instead they were "gotcha" efforts.

BTW one of the medical experts who spoke at Trump's press conference yesterday was Tony Fauci, a brilliant medical researcher. My wife was a co-author of his in a paper about AIDS.


David Appell said...

Trump cares more about the stock market than he does about people.

Yesterday he tried at every opportunity to minimize the virus's impact and minimize the number of Americans affected so far.

Then he appointed a brown-noser whose past positions on science earn him an F, then bragged about his credentials.

Any educated person knows the annual US death toll of influenza is in the tens of thousands. Trump did not because he doesn't read anything and isn't the least bit curious.

No one believes Trump on the coronavirus -- today's stock market is proof -- down over 4%, about $1.4 T -- because he lies every chance he gets and has zero credibility left.


Congratulations to your wife, that's a nice score.

Layzej said...

I don't think the appointment has given investors a lot of confidence in the response.