Saturday, August 22, 2020

Google, Blogger and Time Off

Google, who owns Blogger, the software platform on which this blog has been published since about 2005, just released an upgrade, and the upgrade is now mandatory to use. (It was voluntary for the last six months or so, during which I was avoiding it while using the old version.)

The new version is awkward to use -- it frequently takes more steps to accomplish the same simple tasks, for example -- and there are some simple tasks that are even no longer possible, like adding a link in certain circumstances. 

Once I might have hunted down a forum somewhere and registered and tried to make my voice heard and detailed what this circumstance was and when and how this software bug occurs so the Google developers could address it and, hopefully, fix it in a future release. 

But I feel that's a young person's game and I don't believe Google developers are interested anyway. My experience in using Google software -- Gmail, Chrome, Chrome extensions, etc -- is that they're clearly not a software company, they're an advertising company, and their software takes a definite backseat in their business model.

Blogger takes a seat even behind the seat of Gmail and Chrome.

Not only that, but I'm getting tired of blogging. What's the point anymore? The cause of climate change is settled. Its degree is settled. I'm no longer interested in writing long detailed posts about subtleties of the science -- if I was, I'd try to publish them somewhere for money, and I'm not even trying to do that. Not sure I want to do that anymore either.

The idiocy of Donald Trump is settled. I can keep pointing out what an idiot he is, and everyone but DinCal will agree with me, and he will quote Instapundit with some very unconvincing item and so what. I don't have anything new to say either.

I appreciate all your comments, I do.

I know I've said all this before and I said to myself I wouldn't say again that I"m quitting this blog, so maybe I'm only saying I'm only taking some time off. So I'm taking some time off. And if Trump wins in Nov I just might shoot myself in the head or move to Costa Rica.

Perhaps the ways I might move forward in my life right now mean I need to go a little light on the blogging.


Entropic man said...

Sorry to hear that you're taking a break. This Englishman has found you a welcome window into the USA.

Entropic man said...

This might cheer you up a bit.

David in Cal said...

I will miss you. Good luck, David


Not Trampis said...

I agree the new system sucks to high heaven but I am still using the old one at present.

do not give up please