Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Two Climate Disasters At Once

It's beyond atrocious that the US is now suffering two disasters which are almost certainly exacerbated by manmade climate change -- the California wildfires and Hurricane Laura, with its rapid intensification to at least a category 4 -- and the Republican Party's Potemkin village convention can't even acknowledge the issue.

It's fundamentally unfair that the resulting property damage won't be limited to only Trump voters. Or at least that they be the only ones to pay for the damages.


Layzej said...

It's fundamentally unfair that the resulting property damage won't be limited to only Trump voters

Any chance it could impact their party during the upcoming election?

TW said...

Well, that retirement didn't last very long.

Tell us again about how there aren't any riots in Portland.

TW said...

July 25 post

David in Cal said...

David - You should know that someone is blogging on your site using your name. :)

Seriously, the biggest long-term news about CA wild fires is a controversial agreement between CA and feds to thin out the forests. This used to be done by loggers, when logging was permitted. The accumulation of shrubbery is the biggest factor in our recent spate of terrible fires IMHO. See

BTW air quality here on the Peninsula is better today, after a week of stinky, dangerous air.


car accident lawyer in beverly hills said...

This is true

David Appell said...

David in Cal wrote:
"David - You should know that someone is blogging on your site using your name. :)"

Good one :-)


The thing about thinning forests I don't understand is/are

a) we're talking about millions of acres, if not tens of millions. The CA fires are already like 1.5 M acres in size. Can enough thinning really be done to make a difference?
b) Doesn't "thinning" really mean destroying the forest ecosystem by bringing in trucks and other equipment? Logging is hardly a delicate business.
c) I've heard (but don't know of a study) that bringing logging equipment into forests, even to thin them, causes as many fires as it prevents.

Isn't the real problem human encroachment on the forest? The forests are meant to burn. Somehow it seems we need to come to a more sustainable way of living with the forest that allows them to live a more natural life, instead of trying to force them to live as we want. I hardly know anything about this, of course, but like more liberals I'm skeptical that when conservatives talk about "thinning" they really mean "logging."

Any further thoughts? (I haven't looked at your link yet, and am taking most of tomorrow off.)

David Appell said...

TW said...
"Tell us again about how there aren't any riots in Portland."

I never said there weren't any riots in Portland.

I think they're now on like their 80th consecutive night of protesting. They're pretty serious up there. I'm sure the Jacob Blake shooting has added new fuel to the fire.

David Appell said...

Layzej said...
"Any chance it could impact their party during the upcoming election?"

Well, Trump wasn't going to win California anyway. As for the hurricane, it might matter a little how FEMA performs in Texas. According to's summary of statewide polls

Trump is up only +1.5 percentage points in Texas, so that state is clearly in play. He's up by +16 percentage points in Louisiana, so, sadly, he's sure to win that state no matter how poorly he responds to the hurricane damage.

But the Texas race is a big deal, with 38 electoral votes, second only to California's 55. That's why Trump is visiting there this weekend. Notice he won't visit California, which can go to hell as far as he's concerned.


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David in Cal said...

a) I don't know if enough thinning can be done. I agree that an enormous amount of work would be needed to clear the dead material in the forests. I doubt that enough thinning will be done at first. It may be that a return to logging is the only solution to the fires.

b) Yes, thinning would involve all the things you mention. It seems to me that the ecosystems survived when logging was still going on. However, I'm no expert on eco-systems.

c) That rumor seems dubious. Fires in Cal have gotten a lot worse since logging was ended.

Can we find a way to stop encroaching on our forests. The first step would be to stabilize our population. Are you prepared to support Trump's wall and his reduction in refugees?

(BTW see the book "The Beast in the Garden: The True Story of a Predator's Deadly Return to Suburban America" for another aspect of this problem.)


Layzej said...

One of our greatest provincial parks in Ontario (Algonquin Park) is mixed use for logging, conservation, and recreation. I don't think these three are incompatible. I also don't think logging is going to solve California's growing forest fire problem because it doesn't really address the root cause: global warming

Layzej said...

It's fundamentally unfair that the resulting property damage won't be limited to only Trump voters

Maybe there is some small justice in this: Hurricane Laura toppled a Lake Charles Confederate monument two weeks after officials voted to keep it in place