Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Yes, Russian Interfered in the Election For Trump

A committee led by Republicans found -- disproving again another monster lie from Trump. Grounds for impeachment if this lying criminal is somehow reelected. 

WASHINGTON — A sprawling report released Tuesday by a Republican-controlled Senate panel that spent three years investigating Russia’s 2016 election interference laid out an extensive web of contacts between Trump campaign advisers and Russian government officials and other Russians, including some with ties to the country’s intelligence services.

The report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, totaling nearly 1,000 pages, provided a bipartisan Senate imprimatur for an extraordinary set of facts: The Russian government undertook an extensive campaign to try to sabotage the 2016 American election to help Mr. Trump become president, and some members of Mr. Trump’s circle of advisers were open to the help from an American adversary.


Layzej said...

"some members of Mr. Trump’s circle of advisers were open to the help from an American adversary."

Well yeah. Including Trump: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/id-exclusive-interview-trump-listen-foreigners-offered-dirt/story?id=63669304

David in Cal said...

That report found NO COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and Russia.


David Appell said...

False, David.

"A Republican appendix to the report:

"'After more than three years of investigation by this Committee, we can now say with no doubt, there was no collusion.'

"A Democratic appendix:

"'The committee’s bipartisan report unambiguously shows that members of the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian efforts to get Trump elected. … Paul Manafort, while he was chairman of the Trump campaign, was secretly communicating with a Russian intelligence officer with whom he discussed campaign strategy and repeatedly shared internal campaign polling data. … This is what collusion looks like.'"


J. D. said...
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J. D. said...

Carried forward from the previous thread,
DiC said: The Mueller investigation did clear Trump. The Report was written by high-powered lawyers, who are enemies of Trump. They wrote a Report to try to sound suspicious. However, the bottom line is that they found no wrongdoing. If they had found wrongdoing, they would have brought charges.

It took me a while to unpick what you are saying here. I was trying to make some sense out of it as I didn't want to think that this was just an excuse not to seriously look at any evidence that contradicted the articles you were getting from your usual sources. You seem to be saying that
>Mueller cleared Trump.
>You can ignore the evidence that you have been shown that proves he didn't because you know the people writing the report were corrupt.
Which just takes us round in circles so that you don't have to accept that your chosen sources which have told you it was all a hoax are lying to you. Having said that David I don't want to give up on you because you are always polite and I don't think you are beyond reconsidering the facts and then admitting you have been wrong about just how dishonest Trump and Barr are. And that they are traitors who have betrayed their country.
So here are some of the facts although I'm at risk of repeating some of the stuff already said. Yesterday a bipartisan report was released that states that the Trump campaign chairman was coordinating with a Russian intelligence officer who in turn was taking orders from Putin. Putin was personally ordering cyber attacks with the intention of helping Trump's campaign and undermining American democracy. Trump said that contrary to what American intelligence was saying about Russian interference he had asked Putin who had denied it. Trump took Putins word for it rather than his own intelligence services because he couldn't see a reason why Putin would lie. Trump also claimed that Ukraine interfered in the campaign. The senate report said this claim was Russian misinformation. The senate report also concluded that Trump discussed the hacked emails with Roger Stone although Trump said he couldn't remember doing so. The Report also discussed evidence of potentially compromising material relating to Trump's private trips to Russia. This was not the evidence contained in the Steele dossier.
Finally a Republican appointed judge recently said regarding Barr's statements about the Mueller report that Barr put forward a “distorted” and “misleading” account of its findings and lacked credibility on the topic. Mr. Barr could not be trusted, Judge Reggie B. Walton said, citing “inconsistencies” between the attorney general’s statements and what the report actually said.
I think you need to have another look at the evidence David after reconsidering which sources you think are reliable.

David in Cal said...

J.D. - Thanks for your explanation. I do not want to go into a greater level of detail, so I will end my comments on this topic.


J. D. said...

OK. Cheers.