Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Video Played at Trump's Trial Today

Here's the video House impeachment managers played to the Senate today in Trump's impeachment trial. It's really quite something; I think I watched parts with my mouth hanging open. It should be included in digital US history books for time immemorial. Via WaPo.



David Appell said...

The quick scene centered on 6:53 looks like something from the movie "World War Z."

Balázs said...

Another comparison (already done) is to the Horde mode of the game Mordhau where numerous very stupid bots (robots, characters controlled by the game) attack in waves your (usually very small) group of human players. Another similarity is that these bots have sometimes ridiculous clothing. This flood of brainless, strange or funny looking bots is so similar to this "siege of Capitol" I'm pretty sure Mordhau will get an extension pack soon with this scenery.

Balázs said...
This is what I was talking about :)

Entropic man said...

From the BBC.

"Trump did not emerge from this impeachment trial unscathed, however. One of the most memorable portions of the prosecution case by the impeachment managers were the new videos of Trump's supporters, wearing Make America Great Again hats and waving Trump flags, ransacking the Capitol.

Those images will forever be associated with the Trump brand. Every rally he holds from here on will evoke memories of that riot. It may not cost him among the Republican rank and file, but independent voters - and moderates - are unlikely to forget."

Layzej said...

"Those images will forever be associated with the Trump brand."

And the Republicans have branded themselves the party of Trump. They all seem keen to jump onto a sinking ship.