Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Enitech hoax

This is a hoax, but a bit clever.


Anonymous said...

define "hoax". If you mean "fake", of course it's fake. But is their intention to deceive or to entertain? A hoax causes harm, yet this site is doing nothing but asking people to play along. Does such a website really need to label itself as fiction or add disclaimers? Surely you don't shout "hoax!" in a movie theater, yet films don't have any such warnings that the content is "fake". This is the new story-telling medium. It's like when image projection was first invented, and people thought the train was really coming at them thru the wall. Eventually we'll all learn to be skeptical, but also willingly suspend disbelief and be entertained by it.

NatDeFreitas said...

I think its a viral media marketing effort for the new Terminator Chronicles tv show, which starts Jan 14th.

The lead researcher on the blog used to work at Cyberdyne Systems, the fictional company from the Terminator series.