Friday, March 07, 2008

NYers and sea-level

This surprises me:
69% of New Yorkers say it is likely that parts of New York City will need to be abandoned due to rising sea levels over the next 50 years.
I don't think that's unlikely, see as how sea-level is only rising about 3 mm/yr. So 50 years is 150 mm, or 6 inches. Maybe a few more if sea-level rise rates accelerate.... surely they can keep the sea out of the city for at least that long.

Other results from the poll:
  • 78% are convinced that global warming is happening, and of that number, 82% believe that global warming is caused mainly by human activities or caused equally by humans and natural changes.
  • 66% support a $2.50 surcharge on the average household’s monthly electric bill for a special fund to help make buildings more energy efficient and to support public education on energy use. [OK, but that's only $30/yr.]
  • Only 53% support a congestion pricing plan.

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