Friday, March 07, 2008

Total Wind Power

Total generation of power via the wind will pass 100,000 MW/yr this month, up from less than 20,000 MW/yr in 2000.

That's not bad, except total worldwide energy consumption is about 500 Quadrillion BTU. Revert back to your freshman days of converting units (personally I will be much happier when you can just tell a computer to do this and it knows exactly what you're talking about), and you find that's about 17,000,000 MW.

So total wind power production is only about 0.5% of worldwide energy production. But it's rising exponentially.


John Mashey said...

If you haven't, see Charlie Halls' Balloon Graph:

thequestion said...

If wind power is about 0.5% of total world energy output, then how much more energy would wind power have to produce to replace "carbon-based energy", assuming that no other alternative energy increases in output?