Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary & god

Hillary Clinton gave an interview last summer about her relationship with traditional religion, and it's a pretty stinky thing that you have to hold your nose to read. I simply can't believe that someone as intelligent and progressive as Hillary Clinton has never doubted the canonical stories of religion and that she has fallen for so many of the traditional myths of Christianity. In this interview she seems eager to just gulp it all down in one big swallow, sucking up to Christians everywhere and failing to demonstrate an independent or intelligent bone in her body. I don't believe her for a second -- I think she's a complete hypocrite who will say anything -- anything at all -- to gain the power of the Presidency. Deep, deep down, it is really revolting.

This alone disqualifies her for the presidency. In any rational country.

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MT said...

To be clear and accurate I prefer to write "god" with a big G and the whole word in quotes when I am referring to the undefined and/or incoherent miscellany of things religious people mean when they say "God" or write it without quotes.