Tuesday, March 04, 2008


You know, at one point I really wanted Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. But I didn't want her to win it at all costs, which is what her and her husband think is the case. I like her health care plan better than Obama's. But her campaign has played too many dirty tricks in the last week or two and it's a real turn off. First with their picture of Obama in some native African garb, then with the rejoinder that "He's not Muslim, as far as I know," and now with what seems to be deliberate darkening of Obama's skin in her ad. This is all just old, shitty politics and, unlike her husband, she is not oily enough to pull it off. Almost, but not quite. And that difference is why she is an inferior campaigner and why she deserves to lose.

It is, overall, a disappoint. But one you can accept.

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