Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes, I am tired of the Larry Craig's and David Vittner's and James McGeervey and, now, Elliot Spitzer. It's mostly a matter for him and his family...EXCEPT that he made political hay out of busting other prostitution rings. He was all moral and uppity when it benefited him...despite his weaknesses (and simple humanness) that he was well aware of. He and his wife will now step easily, because they long ago sold their souls for power. Both of them. And we bought it.

Should prostitution be legal? I really, really do not know. Kevin Drum wrote: official position is: who cares. This stuff shouldn't be illegal in the first place and I don't care what these guys do in their private time.
Let's be real: very, very few women are choosing to be prostitutes out of simple choice. They are doing it because they are out of choices and are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Only a very tiny few of them are brilliant, sexy, forceful women taking care of their destiny, like get written up in New York Magazine. Almost all of them are, in fact, poor, desperate, and perhaps have substance abuse problems. They are poor. It sucks.

I'm disappointed that a liberal like Kevin would think otherwise. There are so many god-damned more important things than where Eliot Spitzer puts his dick. Tens of millions are living without health care. Our very civilization is destroying the planet's atmosphere. Our major means of energy production is starting to decrease in abundance.

And we're worried about who Eliot Spitzer sleeps with. It nearly makes me puke.

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