Thursday, May 29, 2008

Henry Payne

I mean, I just don't get some people. Don't they care at all about how they look?

On Planet Gore, Henry Payne complains that anthropogenic climate change cannot possibly true because it was cold in Detroit last night:
In Detroit last night — that’s May 28 — temperatures plunged to 39 degrees, just missing the record set in 1966 by half a degree. The Midwest is experiencing its latest spring in well over a decade, as temperatures have consistently been 15 degrees below normal.
Really. Payne is clearly a smart enough guy to understand that climate is not weather, but rather its long-term average, long-term meaning 5-10-20 years.

So why does he make this kind of argument? It really makes no sense to me. Doesn't he have any intellectual pride at all??

I'd be extremely embarrassed if I were him, ignoring basic knowledge that nearly everyone understand by now, just to advance my cause a picometer down the road. Who does he think he's fooling? And if he does fool anyone, what relevance does he think they have?

Maybe the real question is: why am I wasting my time with this kind of malarky?


By all means, take your best shot at today's climate science. We need that. Analyze it every which way you can. But don't give us 3rd grade arguments.

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Dano said...

But don't give us 3rd grade arguments.

David, that's the best they can do.

Be thankful.