Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Improvements

A couple of things that have improved my life on the Web, at least a little bit:
  • HyperWords extension for FireFox: allows you to highlight any word or phrase on the Web page you're reading, and with a right click immediately search in Google, Wikipedia, Google Images, and other common programs.
  • Unit conversions via Google: I used to like doing unit conversions, but a few decades of them and they get a little tiring. Plus, you can make stupid amd embarrassing mistakes. But I may never change another unit without Google. Simply type in it
9.8 m/s/s in lightyears/year/year

and it tells you 1.03. I have yet to come across a unit conversion it can't do.


MT said...

A mistake of three orders of magnitude shouldn't be embarrassing. It's still 9 points out of 10 in undergrad physics. What are we, engineers?

Dano said...

I'll re-enable the add-on when it allows me to cut-paste and use the delete key when I highlight. Other than this bug making it unusable, good add-on.

Oh, good work on your blog the past few days, David.