Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gore's Electricity Usage

Look, I know that we are not going to solve the global warming problem through conservation. And we will never revert back to some 1880's-lifestyle for the sake of the climate.

But, really, Al Gore ought to be a little more careful about his energy usage, given his profile, and especially given his commitment, last year, to installing solar power at his home. I'm sure it must be a pain in the rear to be the type of celebrity for whom activist groups request electricity bills, but knowing that, and knowing (as Gore must) that the global warming battle is now a matter of public relations and not so much science, shouldn't Gore be more cognizant of his energy usage?

Yes, he should. Even if he is buying carbon offsets. Most people don't understand offsets and just see that Gore is an energy hog when he's asking people to use less energy.

And really, how do you use 17,800 kW-hr/month, anyway? I use 450 kW-hr/mth. I couldn't get up to Gore's level if I tried my best. What's he doing with all that electricity?

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MT said...

One word: "Hydroponics"