Thursday, June 05, 2008

rights to atmospheric carbon

On Stoat, William Connelley repeats Hansen's plan for a carbon tax returned directly to the public.

Not good enough. Not by far.

Humans don't own the atmosphere. No one does, and therefore everyone does. And that means, every cow and beetle and moose and human and worm on the planet. They all depend on the atmosphere; they all suffer when it is gone.

So how are we going to delegate atmospheric credits to other species, instead of just to humans. We already know that hundreds of them are going extinct because of climate change.

Why don' t they get a say?

PS: Yes, I'm serious.

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MT said...

The biosphere isn't a democracy, in case you haven't noticed, and the state (or Crown) is the original title holder to all the land (not mention rights to sea and air) by law. If it has the power to license clear cutting, order pesticide spraying then what can't it do?