Friday, June 27, 2008

WWF ad

Ads like this are complete scaremongering, without any scientific basis whatsoever, foolish and unconvincing, and do damage to the cause of seriously tackling global warming. I wish these environmental groups would just cut it the hell out.


Steve Bloom said...

What do you think this ad means, David?

I take it as meaning that the fish are in trouble now, and that business as usual will see more of us sharing their problems.

Am I missing something?

David Appell said...

Steve, I take it as meaning that climate change could become so severe that we all end up underwater (a la Waterworld) due to rising seas and must involve into fish. Or that climate change will become so severe that we will evolve into...something, whether from sea level rise or other things. Even *if* that were to somehow occur, it'd occur in a hundred thousand or million+ yr timeframe....