Monday, March 09, 2009

Fleck Interviews Schmidt

John Fleck interviewed Harrison Schmitt in yesterday's Albuquerque Journal (sub or trial pass required). As you may know, Schmitt (former NM senator, last human to walk on the Moon) doesn't believe humans are responsible for the last few decades of warming, and that instead it's the sun.
"Schmitt argues that the current warming is part of a natural cycle that began in the 1800s, as Earth began emerging from the "Little Ice Age" — a warming that began long before industrial emissions could have played a role. Schmitt believes changes in the sun have effects on Earth's climate that are at this point poorly understood by scientists.
"It's a political issue," Schmitt said of global warming fears in a recent interview. "It's not a scientific issue."
Efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, Schmitt said, "would be disastrous to our economy and actually our liberty."
I'd like to see his detailed calculations. Anyway, Schmitt is speaking at the Heartland Institute's skeptic conference, taking place in New York City over the next few days.

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