Monday, March 30, 2009

Friedmann and "Mother Nature's Dow"

I don't buy any of Thomas Friedman's argument that the current economic crisis is partly due to environmental collapse. It's just too easy and too convenient, and too much what every extreme environmentalist hopes for deep down -- "the world's collapsing -- that'll show 'em I was right!"

Friedman has no proof of anything like this -- environmental problems like global warming happen slowly and gradually, which is exactly part of the problem of getting the public interested in them and concerned about them. Only very, very rarely are there sudden, momentous shifts...unlike economics, which runs in people-time and not geologic-time.

On the other hand, despite all this Friedman will probably write a book about it, sell a million copies, and go on a successful tour around the country, solidifying his reputation with the NY Times. Which is maybe why I'm not a successful op-ed writer.

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