Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Earthquake off the Oregon Coast

There was a (relatively strong) Mw 5.3 earthquake early this morning off the coast of Oregon. No reports of any tsunamis. I didn't feel anything, but usually at that time of the morning I'm trying to stay asleep while fending off my cat, who nips at my fingertips to remind me it's almost breakfast time.

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Hank Roberts said...

Recommended from long experience: set the alarm; play dead resolutely until the alarm rings; then spring out of bed to feed the cat. Put the behavior on cue, in other words. (You may have to set the alarm early, then creep it forward by 10 min. a day, if the cat pesters you for too long -- but it's worked for me for quite a few cats over quite a few decades).

You get the ancillary pleasure of occasionally seeing a cat scientist carefully studying an alarm clock by the dawn's early light, trying to figure out how to make it ring -- they transfer their manipulations to the device.