Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Is Al Gore Conflicted?

You know, if you took this NY Times article and replaced the words
  • "Al Gore" with "Fred Singer"
  • "green" with "conventional"
  • "wind" with "coal"
almost anyone would be suspicious, and has been in the past. So I can certainly understand why skeptics and those who aren't convinced would look upon Gore's advocacy with suspicion. He has scientific legitimacy on his side, but it's still a tight rope to walk, it seems to me.

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Brian Schmidt said...

If coal and AGW were Singer's only activism, I'd see the parallel, but Singer has also denied ozone destruction and second-hand smoke effect, and has (I think) benefited financially from that. Doing this across a wide range of fields provides a distinction from Gore, above and beyond the ethical screen of acting in a way that's consistent with the science.