Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm kinda of busy right now and don't have a lot of time to blog. But if I don't post something no one will visit. So here are some things I found interesting lately:
  • Willie Soon and David Legates compare themselves to Galileo..... OK, sure.
  • We're told that there's no chance for any agreement at the Copenhagen Conference -- and, let's be honest, there certainly isn't much hope in here in the US. But environmentalists won't give in and insist there's still hope. Right. Like any "agreement" at Copenhagen is going to force the US Congress to do whatever they say. We've been there in the past. What was the vote in the Senate over the Kyoto Protocol, something like 97-0?
  • But more than that: who actually believes that any nation that sets a CO2 cutback goal will reach it? We have seen goal after goal for the last 10 years, and still these countries are failing to make their targets (and the state of carbon modeling is such that who believes them anyway?) The only REAL metric is CO2 levels in the atmosphere. They're still rising at historical levels, ie. whatever anyone thinks they're doing is having on effect.
  • Here's a way to defy a court order and get your way with your neighbors: claim your actions will reduce global warming. Even if actual calculations show that your tree will only sequester about 120 lbs of carbon, that is, your grove of 37 trees will absorb about 9.3 tons of CO2 -- while you yourself emit 22 tons CO2/yr.


rhhardin said...

I listen to Radio Japan English Service news every night; they've been absolute global warming carbon limits agreement believers for years and show no sign of changing.

A different culture, that's for sure.

They believe things much quicker than Americans.

That would also make them good at taking tests in school, or qualify them for a career in communications.

David Appell said...

Perhaps the Japanese are simply more respectful of what scientists say and not so egotistical as to think that they know better than people who devote their lives to studying the climate issue.

rhhardin said...

Probably so. They love titles and honorifics.

Fifteen second real audio clip, Dec 5, 2003, link that was so remarkable that I saved it.

In the US, it would be a Bob and Ray "Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate" comedy bit.

Anonymous said...

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turboblocke said...

Here in the EU we've been serious about Kyoto for years and we have made some CO2 reductions: "EU CO2 Emissions

It should be noted that the agency’s figures are preliminary at this stage, and will be firmed up in 2010. They indicate, however, that the 15 Kyoto-bound nations achieved a 2008 EU CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 6.2 per cent under 1990 levels. The entire EU community of 27 nations achieved a 2008 CO2 emissions reduction of about 10.7 per cent under 1990 levels. The terms of the Kyoto Protocol require EU emissions of CO2 and other gases to have dropped 20 per cent below the 1990 benchmark by 2020."


turboblocke said...

Here's a list of countries that signed the Kyoto treaty: http://unfccc.int/files/kyoto_protocol/status_of_ratification/application/pdf/kp_ratification_chad_20091106.pdf

I've lived in 3 of the countries that have ratified and applied the treaty (FR, NL and UK): none of them resemble living in the Stone Age. Perhaps something to remember and point out when the delayers complain about the dire effects on the economy of doing something about AGW.

Anonymous said...

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