Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Since when did Americans celebrate royalty?

And look: if this were one of GW Bush's daughter's children being married, so ostentatiously and so up-front New England bourgesie style, the NY Times and nearly every other newspaper would be all over it writing articles about $11K cakes in a time of 10% unemployment and all that.

And how did the Clinton's get so rich anyway, that they can spend $2-3M on a wedding? They've worked for government essentially their entire lives. Yes, they've written a successful book or two -- did that really make them the tens of millions of dollars they must be worth to splurge on such an expensive wedding?

They always tried to be low-key, Democratic, if you will. And kept their child there too. So what changed?

And what has Chelsea Clinton done to be so princess-worthy? Worked a few years on Wall Street doing... what? In what position? And aided how much by her family connections? Let's be real about this.

Perhaps the Clintons figure -- in the kind of gross political calculation that no one puts beyond them -- that they have nothing to lose here. Bill is history -- he could be doing a lot of good -- as much, perhaps, as anyone in history, including Gandhi and Mandela, but he is too tied to corporate rule and doesn't have the balls to give up all his dollars for that cause. He could be doing Bill Gates-type of good, or Jeffrey Sachs type of good -- but he is only shilling for Haitian earthquake relief. Hillary has acquiesced and knows she won't rise beyond Sec of State. Is this their last horrah?

And why aren't Americans complaining? Or are they, and I'm just not reading about it? Because the MSM seems entranced by all this, as if deep down they all with there were in this wedding -- or at least an usher or bridegroom -- and won't say anything against it.

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rhhardin said...

The MSM is for soap opera women.

It's a business.

The evil is that under the cover of its being the news ("we women are important"), they cut the legs out from under anything important.

Blogs are a reaction to that.

Disgust is a majority opinion, at about 80%; but that 80% is not so easy to attract as the 20% that the MSM targets and gets.