Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Update

Thanks for all the advice about my kitten (especially from Steve B). The finger trick worked -- he licked some milk from my finger, then figured out he's supposed to lick it out of the bowl. He's using the litter box on his own now (as opposed to having to be set into it), and getting more independent, sometimes sleeping by himself and playing by myself. But he's discovering how sharp his teeth are, and has an unfortunate tendency to chew on wires, and on parts of me in the middle of the night. But he's really a great cat -- relaxed and normal. Tomorrow he gets a round of shots.


Steve Bloom said...

You're very welcome! How are things with #1 kitty?

David Appell said...

> You're very welcome! How are things > with #1 kitty?

Number #1 kitty -- Sophie, only 14 months old herself -- is confusing and very interesting. She initially resented Oliver, but only for a day or two. Now she's playing with him more and more, licking him all over, a bit rough, but he often seeks her out so I think he's OK with her. She was definitely confused about her sudden displacement from first place, but adapted and is OK with everything. Funny -- two months ago I thought of her as a kitten still, and now suddenly she's the big cat setting the example!

You have been very helpful Steve. Thanks very much.