Monday, July 26, 2010

The Wikileaks Documents

I applaud the courage of Wikileaks and Julian Assange (and whoever leaked the documents) for the release of the Afghanistan war documents, but unfortunately I think he's wrong to suggest this will be like the Pentagon Papers. The blatant truth, I'm afraid, is that American's just don't care about the war or whether Americans are committing war crimes or if American soldiers are killing innocent people, including children. We gave up caring about such things since our war in El Savador, at least. American's frankly don't seem to care about much these days (except perhaps making money), not the war(s), not climate change, not the corporate takeover of the US government, not the plight of the unemployed. They cared a little about the Gulf oil spill for a few weeks while that was in the news, but not enough to demand any real changes, and now the November election is coming and I don't think they care about that either, in the sense that they'll vote D or R when both parties have, for several decades now, showed themselves to be corrupt and inept and unable to get anything done except what the world's corporations want it to do. We are all bitching, but none of us is doing anything about it. So, expect more of the same.

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