Monday, November 08, 2010

Climate Scientists Fighting Back?

So besides that AGU has disputed some of today's LA Times story, I haven't heard much about what will actually occur. But I think it's a good thing that at least some climate scientists are planning to fight back.

I don't see this as activism. At all. These scientists aren't saying we should tear down oil wells or transition to electric cars or that Congress should enact cap-n-trade -- I don't think I've ever heard a single climate scientist say anything like that. They are simply communicating the science --that GHGs + land use changes are going to, in the long-term, change our climate. And for that, for their science alone, they are being attacked, and being accused of all manners of fraud and lies and misrepresentations. This is unprecedented and unacceptable, and they have a right to fight back about the science.

Personally I think some scientist ought to sue someone like Moran or Tom Nelson when they label them a "fraudster." That would get attention.


LC said...

And SBVOR kindly shows up to make your point for you, David. Keep up the good work.

Lambertian said...


SBVOR still hasn't recovered from the scientific pasting he got over at Deltoid earlier this year.

Face Mann in a court of law? LOLOLOLOL. You ain't got the bollocks to do anything when confronted...except run crying back to momma when caught telling lies.

Lambertian said...

SBVOR equates pointing out his lies as censorship. Yawn. You think doing that will work in a court of law? LOL!

And more people read Deltoid than your pitiful excuse for a blog. Keep crying back to momma, SBVOR! LOLOL!!

Lambertian said...

digresses from empirical, quantitative evidence to the purely ad hominem.

O RLY? quoting from SBVOR in this blog's first comment:

I would LOVE to face that schmuck in a court of law!

Michael Mann's Hockey Stick was pure freaking fraud!

The irony...LOL!!

"Geez", you don't know empirical, quantitative evidence even if it robbed your house and left a calling card. Hahaha!

And I know you know that you'll run crying back to momma in a court of law the minute you lie about Mann, like you've been doing. LOLOL!!

Lambertian said...

Got a sprained back from moving the goalposts, SBVOR? Or are you still running to momma for being caught out in a lie over and over and over again?

And that's your "empirical, quantitative" evidence? Based on a subjective interpretation of a non-scandal that has been officially refuted five times over? LOL!!!! Oh, the irony of it all!!

Admit one reads your blog SBVOR. LOL!

Lambertian said...


Yawn. So the UK government = Stalin? What fantastic logic you have, SBVOR!

Or do you concede that the hacked emails were a massive non-event, which the rest of the world belatedly realizes?

Since you appear to get off by calling Mann a "fraud", how about going to University Park to make a citizen's arrest on Mann? After all, you have all your "facts"! And your wonderful website! And how you'd "LOVE to face that schmuck in a court of law!"


David Appell said...

SBVOR has left a new comment on your post "Climate Scientists Fighting Back?":
> SBVOR wrote:
> I guess you (quite deliberately) > missed the part where I
> substantiated my assertion that
> Mann was guilty of "pure freaking > fraud" with empirical,
> quantitative evidence.

This pertains to:

SBVOR, whoever the hell you are, this word "trick" and the phrase "hide the decline" have been explained ad nauseum, but clearly the truth will never suffice for you and you will continue to manipulate these words regardless of their intent.

You're not being truthful. Please leave this blog until you are interested in an honest discussion.

Lambertian said...


Still moving the goalposts and gish galloping? LOL!

So all you want is to lie on your blog and not confront Mann, despite calling him a "fraud"?

Yawn. Just admit to what everyone knows. That you're all fart and no shit