Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Some Good News

From California:

Voters rejected a controversial proposal to suspend California's landmark greenhouse gas reduction law Tuesday, showing their support for the state's efforts to lead the nation in confronting climate change.
The measure, Proposition 23, would have suspended the state's climate law until unemployment dropped below 5.5 percent for 12 months, which economic analysts said was not likely to happen for several years. Proponents called the measure a responsible response to the economic slowdown, while opponents painted it as a hostile and thinly veiled attempt by Texas oil companies to kill California's progress on the issue.


Anonymous said...

While I think ca will be hurt I'm happy to see them stay the course. It will be a useful experiment for the rest of the country to watch.


rhhardin said...

California will have lots of room for immigrants as the businesses move out.

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