Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting stuff

Things I've come across lately:
  • Some scientists are saying it could be a decade until the aftershocks in Japan subside. (There have been over 200 so far.)
  • "...the northern portion of the main island of Honshu lurched more than three feet to the east. Global Positioning System measurements showed places where the surface moved more than 16 feet."
  • Some climate modelers are starting to conclude that limiting average global warming to 2°C is probably impossible. Meanwhile, climate negotiators continue to dither. And journalists continue to write silly things like this: "When the world temperature reaches 2 degrees Celsius catastrophic impact of climate change like more extreme typhoons, hurricanes, rising sea levels and drought will be beyond control [sic]," as if there's some kind of switch that will be flipped.  
  • The Pioneer anomaly -- the unexpected extra deceleration of the Pioneer spacecraft -- may have been solved by a closer examination of how the craft emits and reflects heat.

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