Thursday, April 14, 2011

March GISS Temperature Anomaly is Fairly Large

This is sure to generate some controversy (and no doubt, vitriol thrown in GISS's direction): they've posted their global temperature anomaly for March 2011 as +0.57°C, which is akin to last decade's temperatures and not indicative of a recent worldwide cooling trend (probably due to La Nina and the NAO). UAH pegged it at +0.10°C, though they recently changed their baseline and I don't have time to figure out the conversion right now.

It would be really nice if all those who measured temperatures used the same baseline period.

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bob said...

If you run the 1200km smoothing radius on GISTEMP March comes out at 0.57C. The upper arctic is over 6C anomaly for March.

If you run the 250km smoothing radius March comes out at 0.47C

I am not surprised the satellites and surface disagree, afterall they are not in sync.

And as for Hadcrut I am more sure confident hadcrut is too low than GISTEMP being too high.