Thursday, June 30, 2011

Communicating With the Demented

I posted my concerns about the comments and WUWT, and here is one of the responses:
hunter said on Bizarre: NYT follows AAAS lead on "FOIA requests equate to death threats"
June 30, 2011 at 4:21 am

David Appell,
What death threats?
Show us any actual death threats.
Your side is lying about this like everything else.

How can a person possibly communicate with such a person, let alone reason with them? How can one even try to imagine where such a person is coming from?

The discussion surrounding this subject is passing into absurdity.


Dano said...

Right. All that's left is the lunatics and the liars that stoke their fears.



Anonymous said...

How can it possibly be that "deniers" are the "lunatics" when your story is full of holes in the first place?


Richard Mercer said...

Yeah, the Daily Telegraph is a good source of disinformation.
Why don't we check what the National Enquirer has to say also?

Anonymous said...

Still can't find any *actual* death threats then, David?

Anonymous said...

I;m still trying to work out exactly which 'death threats' have got you so exercised.

Please guide us all to where this story is sensibly substantiated.