Sunday, June 05, 2011

An Outbreak of Reality in the Republican Party?

Apparently Mitt Romney was so cowed by Marc "The Science Bully" Morano's job on Newt Gingrich that he...went right ahead and acknowledged scientific reality--the planet is warming, humans are mostly responsible, and we should do something about it. Naturally, this is called a "blunder" by the extreme right.

Perhaps Morano isn't the Kingmaker on this issue he clearly aspires to be.

Romney's statement seems important, because this early in the primary season candidates usually battle for the edge of their party, then move towards the center once they've secured the nomination. Romney must have looked at that edge and decided he's not going over with them.

Huntsman, Gingrich, Christie, Romney... the smartest people in the Republican party are realizing how abysmally silly it is to deny the findings of science. Could admitting economic reality be next?

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Dano said...

Thank you for reading that swill so we don't have to, David.